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The AAAC(WA) comprises Member Consultants who have a wealth of experience and expertise in agriculture, business management and agronomy.

They operate across all areas of Western Australia, Australia and internationally.

To find a Consultant relevant to your needs please use our ‘Find a Consultant’ search tool.  If you have any questions or are unable to find what you are looking for please contact:

Telephone: 61 8 9284 6278

Consultant Details
Bill O'Neill
  • Bill O'Neill

    Business Name: Planfarm
    Address: wa
    Phone (business):
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  • Expertise

    Bill has significant professional expertise including government agency and within the private sector. He has also worked for over 20 years as a highly regarded Agronomist in WA’s Wheatbelt region.

    Bill’s extensive experience, combined with the knowledge he’s gained from operating his own farm in the Shire of Cuballing, brings a unique skill set and offering to the Planfarm Group. Bill partners with clients to add value and premium return on investment across all sectors of farm business management and agronomy.

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  • Locations

    Western Australia

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