Outlook 2022 Speakers

Stefan Vogel

General Manager RaboResearch Australia & New Zealand – RABOBANK

Stefan will provide an overview of the global economic situation focusing on the drivers of global and Australian inflation, the expected effects on interest rates and the implications to trade of the Russia China alliance.

Peter Rowe

Distribution Manager – CSBP

What’s driving the high fertiliser prices and the prospects for positives changes for 2023.

Nelson Aylmore

Planning, Strategy & Development Manager – CBH Group

Nelson will explain the logistical challenges for managing the record harvest of 2022, detail the plans for alleviating the bottlenecks and outline the vision for the future.

Matt Dalgleish

Founder & Director – Episode 3

No boats yet, abattoirs are struggling, livestock producers are worried about turning off stock. What’s going on?

Meat and livestock prices have been riding high in recent years – more of the same? And with supply chain issues and the end of live export for sheep, what might that mean for WA producers?

James Foulsham

General Manager – Marketing & Trading – AAAX Agricultural Exports

Going with the Grain – How Western Australian farmers will fit into Global Grain markets in the 22/23 season.

David Capper

Chief Executive Officer – McIntosh Group

Ordering machinery 2 years out and second hand market through the roof. Why the backlog and what needs to change? And what happens in July 2023?

Ray Wills

Managing Director – Future Smart Consulting

The role of smarter technologies in the food supply chain, with clients demanding cleaner, cheaper, faster, smarter, net-zero – and also local. What does this mean for how we plan, establish, grow and reinvigorate agribusinesses?

David Mundy

Professional Athlete – Fremantle Dockers

Overcoming challenges to succeed and evolve at the elite level.

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