Membership Levels

General Member


Membership Criteria:

An individual (not being a corporation, partnership or other body corporate):

  • whose occupation is that of a person advising others in land based primary production and who is:
  • an agronomist;
  • a farm management consultant;
  • a forestry management consultant;
  • a horticulturalist;
  • a livestock consultant;
  • a natural resource manager;
  • a price risk management adviser in grain, wool or livestock;
  • a veterinarian;
  • a viticulturist;
  • engaged in such other occupations as determined from time to time at a general meeting by ordinary resolution.
  • who holds a tertiary degree from an internationally recognised tertiary institution;
  • who renders gross professional fees for services (excluding any fees received from the payment of commissions or from the sale of goods) each financial year of no less than $50,000.00 or such sum as may be fixed from time to time by the Management Committee, either:
    1. through accounts rendered personally in the name of the Member; or
    2. through accounts rendered in the name of another person or entity in circumstances where the exertions of the Member concerned have represented the consideration for the rendering of those accounts
  • who is engaged, on average each financial year, in the practice of one or more of the occupations referred to in sub-paragraph (a) above for no less than 25 hours per week; and
  • who attends professional development training pursuant to a scheme to be prescribed from time to time by resolution of the Management Committee.

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