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The AAAC(WA) comprises Member Consultants who have a wealth of experience and expertise in agriculture, business management and agronomy.

They operate across all areas of Western Australia, Australia and internationally.

To find a Consultant relevant to your needs please use our ‘Find a Consultant’ search tool.  If you have any questions or are unable to find what you are looking for please contact:

Telephone: 61 8 9284 6278

Consultant Details
David Watson
  • David Watson

    Principal Consultant, AgAsset
    Business Name: AgAsset
    Address: act
    Phone (business):
    Phone (home):
    Phone (mobile): 0429204678

  • Expertise

    Farming in the Wheatbelt has allowed David to bring practical on ground experience to his role as the principal consultant at AgAsset. Focusing on the "big picture' David provides the generalist model with one consultant handling financial analysis, agronomy, general grain marketing and long term planning requirements. The main aim is to analyse the entire business in order to correct any weaknesses and to build on the strengths, which improves profitability and long term sustainability of the farming operation. David Consults in the central, eastern and lower northern wheatbelt.

  • Key Competencies

    Farm Business Management, Agronomy, Other Services
    Budgeting, Farm Business Analysis, Farm Business Financing, Farm Business Organisation, General Farm Management, Strategic Planning, Succession Planning

    Pasture Management, Broadacre Crop Management, Pasture Husbandry

  • Locations

    Western Australia

  • Areas of Operation

    Pastoral North, Central West, Central Wheat Belt, North Wheatbelt

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