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The AAAC(WA) comprises Member Consultants who have a wealth of experience and expertise in agriculture, business management and agronomy.

They operate across all areas of Western Australia, Australia and internationally.

To find a Consultant relevant to your needs please use our ‘Find a Consultant’ search tool.  If you have any questions or are unable to find what you are looking for please contact:

Telephone: 61 8 9284 6278

Consultant Details
Pierre Maartens
  • Pierre Maartens

    Farm Management Consultant
    Business Name: PlanFarm

    Unit 1 / 2 Williams Rd

    Narrogin wa
    Phone (business): 08 9881 1422
    Phone (home):
    Phone (mobile):

  • Expertise

    In his role as Farm Management Consultant, Pierre covers the following business areas:
    - Business analysis taking the physical and financial data from farm
    businesses and analysing this at key performance points to assist in the
    development of the business.
    - Budgeting projecting future cash flows to enable farmers to have a
    "business map" from which they can operate.
    - Benchmarking collecting the data from various clients and comparing the
    performance of individual farms against those in a similar rainfall zone.
    - Property purchases and leases financial analysis and projections relating
    to purchasing or leasing land.
    - Strategic planning assist farmers to develop long term plans from which
    they can make strategic business decisions.
    - Grain marketing provides general information.

  • Key Competencies

    Farm Business Management, Animal Husbandry & Management, Agronomy, Grain Marketing, Other Services
    Budgeting, Farm Business Analysis, Farm Business Financing, Farm Business Organisation, General Farm Management, Project / Property Management, Strategic Planning, Succession Planning
    Beef, Dairy, Sheep
    Pasture Management, Broadacre Crop Management
    General Grain Marketing

  • Locations

    Western Australia

  • Areas of Operation

    Central West, South West, Central Wheat Belt

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